Essence of Elegance, 2013

Essence of EleganceDuring my tenure at Waddington’s, one of the primary goals of the Asian art department was to increase public exposure and develop a wider reach for the department. Alongside the senior specialist, I planned and implemented a twofold strategy that involved creating brand awareness through attendance at special events, art fairs, and tradeshows as well as brand recognition through educational programming. Partnering with the University of Toronto’s Art History department as well as its recruitment services, the senior specialist and I organized a series of exhibitions and workshops that were attended by members of the general public, as well as University of Toronto students and alumni. The first of these exhibitions, Essence of Elegance focused on the field of scholarly art and opened to a private audience during an invitation-only event which included a 20-minute talk by Dr. Jennifer Purtle, an expert in the area.


Of the 150 selected guests invited to the opening night of the viewing exhibition, over 120 people attended. Excitement surrounding Essence of Elegance was sustained throughout its two week display and several clients provided positive and favourable feedback regarding both the educational initiative and our department as a whole. Through this exhibition, the department established itself as a knowledgeable resource in the industry and was also able to increase the client database and mailing list to include several prominent and well respected individuals within the international art market.

Primary Skills and Expertise

Business Development, Research and Planning, Copywriting and Proofreading, Blogging, Event Planning.