On paper:

I’m an accounts and project coordinator with more than five years of experience working in the arts and culture sector, which is fitting since I also hold an MA in Art History (University of Toronto, 2009) and a post-graduate certificate in public relations (Ryerson University, 2015). You can find more of those details here.

Beyond the credits:

I’m an avid reader and like to share my thoughts either in my book club or online, and the only thing I might love more than reading are my dogs, which I photograph incessantly. I write. I volunteer. I travel.

Highlights from recent travels. For photo proof of my dog obsession, one only need and check my Instagram account.

Health and wellness are also important to me and I run a blog that serves as one part food and fitness resource, one part travel diary, and one part journal, so if you want to learn even more about me head over here.