Here We Go Again


Is anyone out there?

I won’t be upset if there isn’t. After all, it has been more than two years since my last post. But if by chance there is a reader sticking around, I want to say hi (!) and thanks.

I have to admit that this – my return to blogging and this blog in particular- has come as a surprise. This site was born as a school assignment and was supposed to end along with the class, slipping in line with countless other abandoned blogs and online projects. But I’ve hesitated to delete this site, periodically coming back to check the traffic and read old posts, and now I’ve worked up the courage to start writing again, this time without the class syllabus to provide structure and guidelines.

The content and format of my subsequent posts will be similar to my previous work but with a more personal perspective. I’ve recently started looking at my own online presence, wondering what my contribution to the social web looks and feels like, and sadly I don’t think it reflects the person I am. I use various channels of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) but none in a particularly meaningful way. My current online presence is dominated by Buzzfeed articles and photos of my dogs, which only represent a small(ish) part of who I am. Admittedly, the social web can’t be your stand-in, capturing and replicating everything that you are with all the thoughts that you think, and the things that you feel, but it also shouldn’t be this disjointed from reality.

Now I’ve armed myself with a mission to clean up my social media accounts and participate in the social web in a more thoughtful and cohesive way. I promise that the blog won’t turn into a study of navel-gazing me-me-me! posts and it will remain faithful to discussing issues pertaining to the social web. The primary difference will be that some of the ife case studies will be my own, and posts will examine topics that I find interesting and things I encounter as I attempt to re(de)fine my social presence.

Again, if you’ve stayed with me, thanks for sticking around. If you’re new – welcome! I have a few ideas kicking around already and I hope that you’ll share in this blogging adventure with me.

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