Updating the Conversation Prism and defining the role of Pinterest

via Brian Solis

Brian Solis’s conversation prism is an excellent infographic, illustrating the diversity and availability of platforms on the social web. Although this image, most recently updated in 2010 is still relevant,* it needs to be revised to reflect the growing popularity of sites such as Instagram and Pinterest. These platforms allow for users to upload and share photos, and the success of both sites demonstrates the increasing preference for visual content, as opposed to straight text. However, focusing specifically on the latter of the two platforms, for all of Pinterest’s success, public relations practitioners are still debating the merits of this site. While the marketing potential is fairly evident through Pinterest’s ability to drive ecommerce, public relations professionals are still trying to figure out how to harness the power of this platform and its many users. Though its path isn’t clearly laid out yet, I believe that Pinterest has the ability to be a useful public relations tool but its use and purpose requires a bit more planning and creativity, and as always, context is key! What are your thoughts? Is Pinterest a useful tool for public relations practitioners?

*Brian Solis is updating the prism!

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